Monday, September 6, 2010

Arrg, Pirates!

So here is my first Halloween custom order. ( I say first, anticipating and hoping for more!)
The Story:
The customer wanted a Halloween card for a friend that always does up his lawn with skeleton pirates every year. He calls it "The Pirates of North Court" (apparently the street he lives). Outside of the card features the jolly and drunk dead pirates, while the inside reads "Happy Halloween".
It was really fun to make, and I got to use a new paper I was itching to try: real wood paper. Yep, paper that is WOOD. It cuts like a dream and is so much fun! The chest and peg leg are made of it, and it rocks!


Daniel Valadez said...

awesome stuff! I like what your doing!

Ashly Picazo said...

Thanks Daniel!

Tora said...

how kickass!!
these are awesome!

Dave said...

Hey! That's the one I received! It is a great card and looks even better in person!